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  • Hello, I'm Aishah.

    I love bringing products to life at the centre of a compelling vision.

    As an independent UX freelancer (full-time hustler), I work with only the best UI/visual designers and developers.

    My strength is in UX research and ideation.

    People love that I can translate raw user insights and novel ideas into implementable components. Teams also feel more aligned with UX flows I create and design studios I facilitate.

  • #1 Designing Trabble product from zero to one

    I led a small team within Trabble to conceptualise and ship designs for a mobile app. The final deliverables had set the foundation and direction for a startup that aims to reinvent the traveller experience through personalisation and seamless local service integration.

    Overall duration: 10 weeks (Jan-Mar 2016)
    Mentor credit: Keith Oh, Interaction designer, IDEO & Winston Mi, Product designer, IDEO

    Client: Trabble is a social eConcierge platform that provides inbound travellers with the answers to all their questions, based on individual’s needs and preference.

  • Seamless & personalised travel experience

    The zero-to-one design process of Trabble social eConcierge platform.

  • #2 Designing Truuue dashboard for property transactors

    I worked with Truuue engineering team and industry expert to conceptualise and ship a dashboard design to allow users to easily make informed decisions with real-time information. Part of the design challenge was to retrofit features that had been shipped over a period of 1 year prior.

    Overall duration: 4 weeks (Dec 2015)

    UI support credit: Geo Bradley, interaction designer & front-end developer, Truuue

    Client: Truuue is a technology-driven real estate platform that aims to bring greater transparency, convenience, efficiencies and equity to all parties involved in a property transaction.

  • Relevant & real-time info at your fingertips

    The collaborative design process of Truuue dashboard.

  • #3 Designing an offline onboarding SOP for GIV online community

    Drawn by their vision of bringing light to the Indonesian voice, I initiated a user research engagement. The aim was to unlock the potential of Indonesian writers through a community-enabled experience. The founders were also keen to ride on the design process to discover new business models.

    Overall duration: 3 weeks (June 2015)

    Pro-bono project

    Client: Global Indonesian Voices (GIV) is an english-based online media company that aims to bring unique Indonesian perspectives to the world.

  • Maulana Bachtiar, Founder and Chief Editor of Global Indonesian Voices, says

    "The key takeaway is that we have more visibility on how our writers community see our company. Previously, everything we see was from the editor's perspective. Now, we understand that in order for the company to continue providing the best environment for producing high impact stories and perspectives from Indonesia, we have to understand the best mechanism in engaging our writers community."

  • Classes and workshops

    Fronting design leadership

    w/ General Assembly Singapore

    w/ UNFRAMED Accelerator

    3-hour workshops and office hours with startups in the programme

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